Santek Waste Services


When it comes to landfill management, we believe our best interests are your best interests. Our fully integrated approach to landfill development, construction and operation is designed to minimize the economic burden on local government, reduce environmental liability, and maximize landfill efficiency.

Our public partners depend on us to ensure they retain control of their landfills – while freeing up time and resources for other important governmental operations.  To help, we offer a variety of solutions.  

Cost Avoidance

We often relieve local governments of future capital and operational expenditures by financing landfill development. Through pay-as-you-go tipping fees, our local government partners can then predict more consistent long-term budgets. Upon request, we’ll also market the landfill to waste generators and haulers – sharing the financial rewards with our partners.

Engineering & Design

Our team of engineers, civil designers and environmental compliance officers serve as regulatory liaisons to design, permit and monitor the landfills we design, build and manage – ensuring environmental integrity and making cost-efficiency a top priority.


Our landfill construction services are integrated with engineering and operations – maximizing safety, technology, efficiency – and each landfill’s longevity in proportion to its waste volumes.

Community Engagement

From landfill construction or expansion to existing operations, we work hard to build and maintain strong relationships with the communities we serve. In addition to community outreach and support, our Citizen Oversight Committees provide nearby residents with a voice and medium for making suggestions and sharing insights about the landfill’s impact on their community – allowing us to proactively engage residents on solutions that help protect everyone’s quality of life. 

Find a landfill in your area, or contact us for more information.