Santek Waste Services


An efficient, self-contained solution for maximizing waste disposal, compactors are ideal for facilities with high volumes of waste or recycling materials. Compactors mechanically compact material placed into the container – ensuring you get the most out of your disposal space and reducing the number of scheduled collections. Used as a stand-alone option or as part of a total waste management program, compactors offer a great solution for:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Office buildings & administrative facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Retail

Compactor Dimensions & Sizing

Measured in cubic yards, our compactors are available in sizes ranging from 15 to 40 cubic yards. 

Standard Roll Off Containers/Compactors
  Length Height Width
35 cu/yd self-contained compactor 278" 100" 102"
2 cu/yd stationary compactor with 40 cu/yd receiver box 397" 105" 100"
20 cu/yd Open Top 276" 53" 100"
30 cu/yd Open Top 278" 73" 100"
40 cu/yd Open Top 278" 95" 100"


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